Solutions for corporate talent management

We reduce turnover, boost productivity through training through:

  • Personalized learning paths to increase productivity.

  • Tools that allow to connect with other systems and with performance evaluation.

  • With the information gathered, the system creates learning paths for each collaborator, within the topics where there’s a lack of knowledge or competence.

  • Activities and challenges related to key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Micro-learning as a learning strategy

  • Tools that allow small daily courses and learning experiences, while measuring their progress.

  • It allows the employee to be hooked daily to learn from his cell phone and be continuously improving.

  • Intelligent strategies that push products or new procedures.

  • Allows working without an internet, so that from the cell phone the user may work on their training. Whenever a connection is stablished, the data is synced to the cloud.


Online training tools

From executives to production or sales line collaborators:

  • 360 surveys and performance evaluations, with easy access to reports.

  • Online content.

  • Forums and online tests.

  • Courses and career plans per employee.

  • Training courses and content right in their mobile devices.

  • Project management tools within courses.

  • News and communication center.


Configure your own metrics and reports

  • Track training progress.

  • Employees’ performance.

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Global Tracking.

  • Track training plans progress.

  • Training hours.

  • Competence and skill tracker.

  • Intelligent alerts to detect employees at risk or with a low performance.


Effective workflows

  • Workflows management system.

  • Alerts and escalations, right to their mobile phones, every time a SLA is not covered.

  • Create workflows such as vacation requests, permissions, training plans, etc.


Skill measurement and
talent management

  • Complete user profile with evidence of the skills and competencies earned.

  • Automatic profiling of collaborators according to vacancies within the company.

  • Search for collaborators by earned competences.


Recognition and culture

  • Gamification: The employee earns points and medals according to their achievements within the company and they are recognized automatically.

  • Deliver medals among collaborators for values within the organization.


Job posting

  • Tools that connects with job posting platforms.

  • Surveys to candidates to filter those who meet the profile or not, automatically.

  • Users record video and register evidences of their competences after going through an approval flow until they reach an interview.


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