Attract investment and economic development, and enhance talent within the community

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Dual Model

Create a talented workforce as quickly as possible:

  • Higher ed and technical students will enter to work in the company to learn, based on your academic curriculum.

  • Evaluation rubrics and evidence registration of their work.

  • The theoretical component may be learned completely online, while working.

  • Multi-evaluation tools.

  • Automatic competence student profiles.

  • Space to generate evidence of the skills developed by the student.

  • Portfolio of academic and life achievements.


Competence tracker and vinculation

  • Throughout courses, activities and work, developed competences will be measured.

  • Competence evidences will be available. For example, in an English class, video of the student will appear as evidence.

  • Job posting so  that  companies search and find talented people, based in their required competences and skills.

  • Companies may have Access to certified CVs and evidences of the student competencies.

  • Course, content and learning experience recommendations, in order to help students to be compatible with job positions.


Geo-referenced map
to show talent

  • Talent and opportunities located within a map.

  • Show investors the current talent in a map and the speed at which they are been developed.


Content and Premium certifications


edX: More than 10,000 free courses and certifications, from the top 50 universities in the world (Harvard, MIT, Berkley, among others).