Develop your future professionals, increase employability rates and reduce desertion

We offer the best and most innovative tools to increase motivation among your students:

- Professional practices

- Dual model

- Job exchange

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We develop and measure the skills and abilities

  • We not only measure the grades but also the competences that the students develop.

  • Evidence of the developed competences.

  • Portfolio of academic and life achievements.

  • Recommendations of students to companies based on developed competences.

  • Companies visualize evidence of competencies.


Laboral link-up

  • Job posting where companies can describe required competences.

  • Tool delivers recommendations of courses or plans to take to comply with what is requested by the company.

  • Certified curricula and visualization of evidences of the competences developed by the students.

  • Automatic filter for companies according to competences.

  • The system reads the skills required by the labor market and, based on this, provides recommendations to students, teachers and directors.


Configure your own metrics and reports

  • Employability rates

  • Dropout rates.

  • Approval indicators.

  • Advanced in education plans.

  • Teacher evaluation.

  • Alerts in case of desertion risk.


Let's develop our teaching staff

  • Automated feedback to the teacher.

  • Activities and improvement courses for the teacher.


Offer of courses and inscriptions

  • Online store of courses

  • Tools to carry out the inscriptions of the students from the collection to the assignment of courses.

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Academic management

In our platform you can also have all the academic management such as:

  • Tasks

  • Courses

  • Forums

  • Launch of challenges

  • Surveys

  • Kardex

  • Complete school management

  • Study plans

  • Project management

  • Gamification: system of recognition through points and medals.


Thousands of online courses and content

Integration with edX: A lot of courses and titles of prestigious universities for your students.


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