Unleash the power learning through a social platform

our objetive

Develop the skills and abilities of your students, improve academic indicators, engage the student with learning and promote innovation.


We are a platform of personalized learning based on competences, our system recommends routes of learning focused on each student according to the set of skills that he has and that he wishes to develop.

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Our platform provides you with tools to:

  • Create cases, forums, and launch challenges.

  • Have all your online content.

  • Content in SCORM format.

  • Administration of grades, transcripts and curricula.

  • Tests and assignments online.

  • Measurement of competences.

  • Complete school management.

  • Tutorships.

  • Notifications and alerts.


Project-based learning and challenges

  • Students can propose projects to solve a problem related to the subjects they take transversally.

  • Students can solve challenges related to a subject.

  • Tools to manage projects in teams.

  • Tools so that it can be evaluated online and load evidence of what was developed in the challenge.

  • Tools to make the challenge fun with Gamification and general point tables.


Competency Management Model

  • Measurement of the competences developed by the student with evidence.

  • Portfolio of academic and life achievements.

  • Competency evaluation rubrics.



  • System of points and medals for the recognition of their progress.

  • Constant feedback

  • Recognize the effort of your students with small successes for participate.


Configure your own metrics and reports

Dashboard where you can display metrics such as:

  • Advance in curriculum

  • Advance in a competition

  • Assists

  • Tasks and activities delivered

  • Approval rates

  • Dropout rates

  • Teacher evaluation

  • Student satisfaction



Start an effective communication. Parents will be pleased to be part of their children's educational process, they will be able to:



Give your teachers the best tools to facilitate their work. If your teachers know how to use social networks, Territorium will be very simple for them, and if not, we will train them! They will be able to:


Integral Solutions

Content + Platform + Interactive Classrooms

Thanks to our partnership with DELL and Microsoft, we have a scheme where we provide the necessary computer equipment so you can enjoy this unique techno-educational experience.


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